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ValhallaXI - FFXI Private Server 2017!

ValhallaXI - FFXI Private Server 2017
LEGIT FFXI PRIVATE SERVER. 2,5x EXP and Crafting for EXP with TONS of custom content, Working Mounts, Adventure Fellows, Custom Zones and Battles, Fast Movement, Mount Anywhere, All Maps, Outpost Warps, Homepoint Crystal Warps. WORKING JOBS, MISSIONS Friendly community ffxi private server 2017.

Link - ValhallaXI - FFXI Private Server 2017

ValhallaXI - FFXI Private Server 2017 Information:
The first and only legit fun server for final fantasy xi. Enter a world and explore like never before EXP: 2.5xRun Speed: 150LOTS OF CUSTOM SETTINGS: Custom Player Commands Working Mounts Cross-Job Abilities and Traits Gil Rate: 2x Quest/Missions. All Mobs drop currency All Maps All Outpost Warps Homepoint Teleport System Chocobo - Ride anywhere, unlimited chocobo whistle Start with Max Inventory Size Fast Skill-Up Rate: 2.5x Easy Crafting Rate: 4x Gain EXP from Crafting Level Sync: Yes Fields of Valor: 2x Tabs Rate Enhanced Signet, Sanction, Sigil Effect: +HP/MP/Regain, +1 ATT,DEF per level, +1 EVA per 2 levels. Tons of Lv 1-90 gear working. Working AF1 / AF2+2 / AF3+2 Relic and Empyrean Armor Custom PET FELLOWS. Battle NPC to assist in combat and leveling Custom Zones: Mog Garden, Library, Skill-UP Zone, and more Custom PERK NPCS. Custom Exchange NPC for custom gear. Relic Vendors, AF1 and AF2 Claim Slips from Perk NPCs Custom Currencies: Alexandrite, Cruor, Resistance Credits, Dominion Notes. Custom Foods Vendors Guild Vendors: Yes. Including expanded selection and custom shops. Working Guild Points. Reduced wait timers for Dynamis, Cosmocleanse, Relic construction. Working Conquest System, Airships and Boats, Elevators, more Working Missions: Rank 10 ZM: Yes CoP: PM 8-4. ToAU: Working missions/staging points. Explore WoTG areas and take a trip back through time. Explore SoA and new custom areas Unique Perk NPC System: 5 Hour BuffsUnlock Subjobs, Advanced Jobs, Artifact 1 Weapon/Armor, Artifact 2, Relics, and more Working Adventure Fellow / pet system. Non-pet jobs can call this Pet to assist you in combat, and control it with Attack/Retreat/Dismiss. Explore new zones from retail including Escha Zitah, Mog Gardens, Celennia Memorial Library, Adoulin, GM Test Zone, and more.TONS of custom content for players.Excellent uptime stabilityJoin the 1 Fun Server final fantasy 11 final fantasy XI free ffxi ffxifree ifrit ifrit.x10.mx mmo mmorpg free mmorpg funserver funserv ifrit-funserv darkstarffxi free private serverffxi private server 2016ffxi private fun serverfree final fantasy xifree final fantasy xi private serverfinal fantasy xivffxi private server 2017

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