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WoC Server 8 Years of WoW Excellence!

WoC Server 8 Years of WoW Excellence
For the past 8 years, WoC Server has provided the ultimate in private WoW gaming experiences. With balanced custom content and some of the best staff in the industry, try WoC Server

WoC Server 8 Years of WoW Excellence Information:
WoC Server is a long standing and well known private server with a history of customization, stability and support for our players.We endevour to deliver the best possible service with our various realms, all of which are staffed by a professional and intelligent staff.Our RealmsZul039Aman - 2.4.3 The Burning CrusadeZul039Aman is WoC Server039s oldest realm, with more than 3 years of use. In this time the server has undergone many changes and the occasional disaster, however it is the same server that we started off with.We have, over time, created a heavily customised experience on this realm. We have created custom gear that can be accessed by all in any of our 3 custom instances. We have spent a great deal of time working on balancing this gear, and feel that it provides a great gaming experience for all of our players.Added to this the friendly staff, and their no attitude to hackers and exploiters, Zul039Aman is a great place for anyone to play The Burning Crusade.Ragnaros - 2.4.3 The Burning CrusadeRagnaros is our latest addition to the WoC Server realmlist. With a strong emphasis on working skills and talents, Ragnaros is our blizz-like server for the 2.4.3 players.This server has no customisation, nor any donator only gear. It is a place for The Burning Crusade purists to come and play without any interruptions.The server represents WoC Servers039 exploration into the world of Trinity Core and is a great place to play.Archimonde - 3.3.3a Wrath of the Lich KingArchimonde is WoC Server039s primary WotLK server, with a strong emphasis on stability and reliability over the pushing out of new content, Archimonde will never lose your gear at random.The server039s development staff are patient and thorough, and have created a server that is both fun to play, and very reliable. Archimonde has a medium sized population, but is growing daily. If you are looking to play a blizz-like server with an interest in making sure everything works, try Archimonde.For more information, and guides on how to setup to play WoC Server, please visit:

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