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titanRose :: Authentic and advanced iRose experience with a dedicated, experienced staff and great community. We use our own custom iRose client with great features such as Dungeons, Achievements, Costume System, PvP Rank System, Mounts, Custom Maps and much more.

titanRose Information:
titanRose - The Free to Play ROSE Online private server.We from titanRose want to create the ultimate iRose experience, and have been doing so since 2009. Our staff members are enthousiastic and skilled, our community is one of the best out there... So what are you waiting for Come take a look at our server, experience the game in its originality as the game was once intended before the remakes, enjoy our community and build your own unique character Why titanRose over other servers You may have seen our features on other servers, features that were created and designed at titanRose o Quest Tracking / notifications :: o Unique Player versus Player games/challenges :: o Party finder, find people to party with :: o Dungeons :: o Boss Fights, phased boss system :: o Custom made maps :: o Improved iRose interface :: o titanVault, a database with all the information youd want from a game :: o Costume system, dress up without affecting your stats :: o Achievements, keep track of your goals. :: o Coupon Codes for special occasions, who doesnt love gifts D :: Come give titanRose a try, its free and fun

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