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Insania MuOnline Season 8 Long Term!

Insania MuOnline Season 8 Long Term
Stable/Lagfree/Balanced/No Bugs/No Wipes, Online for 10 Years / Season 8 / Populated Community / 250+ Customs / PvP Events / Daily GM Events / Grand Resets / Exp: 999999x / Gens War Event / Unique Reward Systems / Trivia/Find/Decor of the Week / PK/Lucky/Kill the Boss of the Month

Insania MuOnline Season 8 Long Term Information:
Why you should join InsaniaMU and don039t lose your time in other mu servers 1. We offer fully working version of MU Online Season 6 (Episode 1 - NEW) game servers with pro anti-cheat system.2. We offer lag-less game servers hosted on fast dedicated server.3. We will be online for long term and without wipes for years in future You can trust us. Our sister server is InfinityMU.NET which is 4year/6m old4. We have many customs coded features than any other MU Online server in MU history:- Account Lock System- All Character Classes Balanced - Guild Vault System (Up to 5 Vaults per guild) - Hot and FREE to use- Extra Vaults System (Up to 10 Vaults per account) - Hot and FREE to use- Scramble Words Automated Event- Last man Standing Event- Dungeon Race Event- Enzo Gambler : 3 players can join with stacked of Bless or Soul /betbless, /betsoul- Golden Archer with isane rewards- All Season 1-6 Features is fully working.- /GRESET COMMAND IN-GAME Grand Reset System with F.O. Sets, Wings and Golden Fenrir rewards automatically added to your vaults and inventories.- MANY, MANY OTHER FEATURES YOU CAN FIND INGAME- Daily Updates, maintaining and developing- We are always 24/7 uptime and online for you5. We have the pro Game Masters Team with years of experience Multi-language support

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