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LUNA No.1 Pvp Server!

LUNA No.1 Pvp Server
All Retail Features, 24/7 Dedicated Server, PvP Server , Long Term, Skill Auto Learn, All Working Skills, No lag No donations, FREE SLOTS Instances, Good Support, Join Now

Link - LUNA No.1 Pvp Server

Luna Online is another Korean MMORPG that has recently made its way to the American market. With cute, bright graphics, Luna Online encourages socializing with a built-in match making system that pairs boys and girls based on their likes and dislikes. The main draw for most players though will be the games elaborate profession tree, which has a total of fifty-two classes that branch out from three base jobs players select during character creation. Players are free to design hybrid characters. For example, a Mage who picks Priest at level twenty can still become a Warlock at seventy-five, and retain all skills trained as a priest. Another interesting feature offered in Luna Online is player-owned Farms. Farms can only be purchased and operated by Families (Lunas term for guilds).

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