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Extreme FlyFF V15!

Extreme FlyFF V15
[V15 Flyff High Rate Server] [24/7 Dedicated Server - No Laggs] [Exp 1000x] [Drop 1500x] [Penya 3000x] [PRO awakening system] [Custom Collecting System] [NO NEGATIVE AWAKENINGS] [All New Maps] [Free CS Items] [All V.15 Monsters] [All CS in SHOPS]

Extreme FlyFF V15 Information:
Grand Chase is a very popular multiple player virtual world, role playing game. Hundreds of thousands players from all the world play Grand Chase online. Once you obtain an account you can play Grand Chase too.In Grabd Chase you earn money through obtaining skills such as archery, crafting, smithing, and mining to name a few. You also fight battles against opponents. Grand Chase is not a game that is played within a few days, weeks or months - Grand Chase is more of a life adventure. Grand Chase is a game that is different for everyone that plays because you create you own life in the virtual world and you select your own path.

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