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Cryptic Shaiya!

Cryptic Shaiya
Free Ep 6 server, instant level 80, new wings, pets, and costumes.New bosses. Linked, enchanted and rolled set available free in item mall. Great staff Great regular events. Auto rank rewards. Great community

Cryptic Shaiya Information:
FREE Episode 6.3 server, level 80 custom armor, New maps, New bosses, Nude patch, Instant leveling, 50 linking on all lapis, custom colored gear drops ingame. Great staff Every vote is 100 real and not paid for Cryptic Shaiya staff is professional and dedicated to making this server the best Shaiya community yet. We aim for the perfect balance between pvp and pvm we want everyone to be able to pvp without using hours to gather their stuff but with the balance that makes it worth farming and do bosses. Don not think the server will be overly easy just because you start with dreamy gear you still have to farm the rest. All in all we believe this creates the ultimate Shaiya experience with the perfect balance of accessibility and challenge.

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