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Shaiya Civil War!

Shaiya Civil War
Wish to play AoL with a UoF toon or vice-versa Now you can with Civil war We provide unique features to make our server easy to play and fun for all, old and new players. Find out more on our website and join our daily growing community today

Shaiya Civil War Information:
Getting started _________________________________________________________________________________________ At the beginning of the adventure, your character will be at level 50 an armed with a Beginner Set with the power of the elements.Also, for the first 3 days after your account creation, your toons will take advantage of a Promo Noss that will give you extreme attack speed, 100 Critical rate and 2k extra hp.Leveling from 50 to 60 will be quite easy so as for the farming, in fact, every mob will drop fortune coins which you can use to buy the items you need from the several NPCs. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Gameplay _________________________________________________________________________________________ At level 60 you will be able to access all the maps, including Proelium and Cantabilian where you will find new bosses.You can choose your favorite gears between a wide range of equivalent goddess sets: 9-15 and 22-25, 29-32, 36-39, 43-46, 50-53, 66-69, and 70.Shaiya Civil War offers a customised altar system. Five relics are placed in Jungle and winning all five of them will give your faction a temporary buff and open a portal to a special map. While getting control of the three relics in D-Water will allow your faction to invade the opposite faction map1.The bless will not be affected by the altars and will always be set on 50. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Skill system _________________________________________________________________________________________ Our server also offers a brand new ranking system meant to keep the difference between old and new players thin and balance the pvp. At level 50 your toon will already know all the skills up to the second-last level. Every new pvp rank will give you points to upgrade your skills instead of stat points. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Server Details: _________________________________________________________________________________________ - High Quality VPS complete with Anti-DDoS.- Professionally Developed Server: A special thank goes to juuf for his help in making a secure server and providing professional scripts - Advanced Website: The website is based on Shaiya OS template to make it easy for new members of the community to understand.- Great Staff Team : the server takes advantage of 4 dedicated GMs, who will organize promo and events. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Episode Specifics: _________________________________________________________________________________________ We took the best out of every episode to create a custom episode.- server files are from ep5 - max lvl: 60, max lapis: lvl 6, max enchant [10] as in ep 4- ep8 skills customized to make them well balanced at lvl 60 I know this may sound a bit weird, but give it a try before you judge

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