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Official World of Kungfu!

Official World of Kungfu
Most Active Server - No TP-GP-AVB - Qigong Temple - Guardian Pets - SMKF - Updated Daily Quest - More Balance PvP - Monthly Patches - Current Level Cap 120 - New Maps and Towns - 24/7 Support - Come Join Us Today And Experience The Nostalgia of Official WoKF - Last Updated 03-20-2017

Link - Official World of Kungfu

Based off of the Official World of Kung Fu we want to bring the game back to its glory days. Starting at a level 80 cap so you can progress through the game to experience all it has to offer.Rates are also going to be based off of Official with them staying at the base rates. We will be having double experience every Saturday from 12am to 11:59pm CST. Since we are staying at 1x experience items like experience charms now have a place on the server.The Town Crier has been remodeled into the Terracotta Messenger. With these updated quest comes also a new map the Desert of Lost Treasures. Complete the daily quest to earn and collect Terracotta Ruby to then redeem for the prize of your choice from the Terracotta Merchant. Some special items also might be available from the Stolen Goods Merchant, but be quick cause these items go fast. Mobs also have a chance to drop a Ancient Treasure Box which you can exchange at the Stolen Goods Merchant for a random prize.More information to be added soon.

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