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Insomnia Dekaron - A9/A3 Hybrid N-RB!

Insomnia Dekaron - A9/A3 Hybrid N-RB
OPENED ON 1ST DECEMBER - Big changes, cool new stuff. Simplified gameplay. Come, check out, enjoy - XMAS Event starts on 5th December and ends on January 6th Kill Bad Santas, and bring the Fiery to Rudolph for the coolest items in exchange//Old accs are working//

Insomnia Dekaron - A9/A3 Hybrid N-RB Information:
Summary:NON-RBMAX LVL: 250HIGH EXP AND DROP RATES - Reach max lvl within a day or two.Dynamically Developed- Recent Updates, Character Balance, new and old maps with purpose, bug fixes.Nice Market and Exchange [Loa Agency]. Tired out of undemanding shops and D-shop Here you can find everything within an eye-blink.Teleport to almost everywhere.Unique game-content: 3 max sets with different options and methods to get to serve all taste and build. Costumes, Auras, Maps are all waiting on you to discover.Keeping the server clean: Cheaters and douchebags have no chance here. Every kind of cheating and abusive behavior non-tolerated here.-This server made for people who loves to PLAY. Our goal is to make more people fall in love with Dekaron again. Sadly many other server even the original game makes people burn out because of corruption, pay to win and cheaters.However we arent instant server or not even have Free-Dshop you can reach your goals without spending a cent but your time. :]You can Vote for high amount of coins every 12 hours.BIO:Dekaron Insomnia is an A9-A3 non-rb hybrid Dekaron server, with high drop and experience rates.What does hybrid means - Imagine Dekaron with the heart of A9, but with the spirit of A3.All nice features and benefits: 12 classes, 3 skillbars, mavric system, real transup, looting pet, working skills, scheduled events like Battle Royale, Party Tournaments, DK Square...But almost all options and stats are bringin back the feeling of A3. We have disabled many dungeons, and made them as normal maps, since in our world they became useless. You wont need questing, or run dungeons until nose bleed. You can choose: Be a farmer, or be slayer [or why not both] Instead of being a 9841841212th copy cat with better rates, we are always working on UNIQUE content to entertain. Maps, gears, accessories, costumes, wings... and always will be more...Individual events for usefull rewards, Upgrade until +13 [only legendary ones] We could write many more things, but let the game talk for itself. Discover again Dekaron and play like never before

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