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M8Mu New Dynamic x300 OPENING 28. March!

M8Mu New Dynamic x300 OPENING 28. March
M8Mu is an International MuOnline server worldwide with Premium Season 9, Free VIP for Newbies, NO FO items, Auto Party, Offlevel, Reconnect, Offtrade, MUUN pets, Roomy mini game, Increased monster power, Market, Premium Website - many features, 3 worlds: x30, x300, x3000, VIP, CashShop, Long term

Link - M8Mu New Dynamic x300 OPENING 28. March

M8Mu is the place for you mate We offer quality game play with balanced stuff.Our active administration will help you always with any question andwill listen player needs and suggestions to improve our server.Feel free to contact our Skype support anytime Skype: m8.clubWe offer 3 different exp worlds for each taste: x30, x300, x3000 Basic Information about HIGH x3000: Version: Season 9 Episode 2 Experience: x3000 Master experience: x100 Drop: 35 Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 350 Points per level: 5/7/7 Points per master level: 2 Maximum stat: 32000 Cash shop: x shop Wcoin Exchange: On Mu Helper: from level 30 Mu Helper Cost: 500 Zen Level Spots in all maps. Elf Soldier buff Till: 350 level Create level MG, DL, RF, Sum: 1 It is just a basic information. Read detailed info about every World on our website/forum. Discover all our great features by visiting our Website and of course do not forget about community forum and Skype support.

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