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Perfect World Frostburn!

Perfect World Frostburn
[SERVER IS LIVE]153 Full War Front - Mid rates [5x], New classes, Full PvP, Max lvl 105 + 2 reawakenings - PLAY TO GAIN: Vote for Gold + Online Gold + Custom NPC Shop with boutique items through quest and event rewards - Balance modifications - Active GMs, quick support and professional development

Link - Perfect World Frostburn

Perfect World server taken to the extreme[UPDATE: OFFICIAL SERVER IS LIVE]Based on the War Front version [153], Pw Frostburn offers the new Nightshade classes, mid rates [5x normal rates, plus 2x for quests], a full PvP action oriented setup where you cannot hide behind a blue name, and above all a Play To Gain philosophy.What this means is that all the so called packs [aka right click activation items] were removed from the boutique, so a player cannot just buy a bunch of those and get a lot of powerful set items, or jump a hundred levels above you.Furthermore, you can also get Gold by voting the server and also by staying logged in with you character.Additionally, there is a custom NPC shop [Frostburn Merchant] where most of the important Boutique items can be obtained, such as Dragon Orbs, Charms, TP stones, Flyers, etc.The Frostburn Merchant will exchange these items for Fire and Ice shards, that can be obtained from daily quests, dungeons and events.All new instances are fully enabled, such as Heavenfall Temple and Quicksand Maze.To bring some balance to the server, some custom modifications were made:-Removing Rank 9, Reawakened Rank 8, Warsoul weapons.-Removing the War Avatars grade S and S+ and no War Avatar reawakening.-Capping the Star Charts to 5 aptitude max.To find out more about the server, please visit:

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