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Europe Jade Dynasty 2,0!

Europe Jade Dynasty 2,0
Do you miss the old feeling of Jade Dynasty, Welcome to EuropeJD 2,0, Regenesis patch with a Legacy feel, No Voida/Kytos/Psychea, 14x+13cap/45chroma with x150 rates, Working Fort and TW, If you enjoyed EuJD Years ago, why not Jump on back in and enjoy the high rate 14x fun

Link - Europe Jade Dynasty 2,0

Europe Jade Dynasty 2,0 Information:
Get ReadyDo you miss the old feeling of Jade Dynasty Say no more Welcome to EuropeJD 2.0. The server is a Regenesis Patch Client with a Legacy feel. Thats right LEGACY. No Voida,No Kytos,No Phychea. We are a 14x , +13 , 45chroma cap server with x150 rates, with working Battlegrounds,Fort and TW you are sure to enjoy your stay. We have Custom UI and the server is set to entertain those who Love PVP without all the grinding to get there. You will notice once you log in how user friendly we have made the server. If you enjoyed our previous EuJD Years ago, Why not Jump on back in and enjoy the high rate 14x fun.

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