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Aion Classic - 3_9 - Active players!

Aion Classic - 3_9 - Active players
AION Retail fun without limitations No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions Features higher rates, high amounts of players online, all instances fully implemented, active staff, basic equipment and consumable-packages for new players, no P2W, PvP Arenas, AND MORE

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Aion Classic - 3_9 - Active players Information:
AION Retail fun without limitations- No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No RestrictionsServer RatesEP - x5Group-EP - x5Quest-EP - x5Quest-Kinah - x2Drops - x5Crafting-EP - x5Crafting Krit - 30AP-PvP - x1AP-PvE - x2Aion Classic FeaturesA small overview of Ariels Features. Of course everything substantial is available.Higher RatesHigh amounts of players onlineFully functional Dredgion system with extended rewardsAll instances fully implementedWorlddrop-systemQualified in-game supportBasic equipment- and consumable-packages for new playersNo Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions, No Pay2Win8 Characters per accountAdditional daily tickets for the official PvP Arenas

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