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Cryptic LastChaos!

Cryptic LastChaos
Max Level 200 High EXP Rate High SP Rate x8 Gold Drop Premium Buff System High Drop Rate High P1 Pet EXP Rate High P2 Pet EXP Rate HS Plus Safe +10 Upgrade Rate 85 Custom Rune +20 - +30 Max Plus +30

Cryptic LastChaos Information:
Welcome to Cryptic LC, we are striving to bring you the best LC gaming experience. Here is some info about Cryptic LC Max Level 200, High EXP Rate, High SP Rate, High P1/P2 Pet EXP Rate, x8 Gold Drop, HS Plus Safe +10, Upgrade Rate 85, Custom Rune +20, +25, and +30, Max Plus +30. Premium character package gives x2 xp/sp, buffs, -3 levels on all armor bellow 180, no merchant fee, first commercial inventory slot unlocked, mystery statue pager, pet revive remotly, and teleport to friends up to 100 times per day, and auto learn skills, High Drop Rate

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