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Endless MU / OPENING / January 8, 2018!

Endless MU / OPENING / January 8, 2018
[Endless MU] [Season 9] [x150 and x900] [Helpful Staff] [No Full Option Items] [No Max Stats] [Muuns] [Resets, Grand Resets] [Market, X Shop] [Set Party, Offtrade, Offlevel] [Configured Drops] [Balanced Characters] [Castle Siege Work] [Stable Online] [Guild Transfers] [Welcome to Join]

Endless MU / OPENING / January 8, 2018 Information:
2 Servers: x150 dynamic exp and x900 dynamic expWhy should i Join Endless MU Online- New and Stable mu online server- No Full Option Items- No Full Stats- Good Configurations- 99,5 Bugless files- Active and Helpful administration- Support in 4 languages English, Russian, Filipino, LatvianServer RatesVersion: Season 9.5 FullExperience: 150xMaster Experience: 50xDrop Rate: 25Max Level: 400Max Master Level: 300Points Per Level: 5/6/7Points Per Master Level: 2Max Resets: 50Max Grand Resets: 15Total Max Stats: 85 000Reset Level: 400After Reset: stats clear + all stats 300SM, BK, ELF, SUM: 500 free points x resetMG, DL, RF : 600 free points x resetReset Cost: 1kk zen x resetReset Reward: 50 creditsGrand Reset From: 50 resetsAfter Grand Reset Free Stat Points:All class 4000 free points x grand resetGrand Reset Reward: creditsMonsters Per Spot: 5-8 on all mapsArena Map Empty: no monster spotsCommand /pkclear Price: 3kk x kill count

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