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Golden Perfect World - Official Launch!

Golden Perfect World - Official Launch
[The most uniquely developed server][Features and Stuff you havent seen before][Nude Patch, UI Change etc][Largest client content than PWI and other servers][Truly Balanced PvP][Easy gameplay, Unique PvE System][Freedom of Gameplay and Gear Builds][Developed by a Real PW Player][Active Development]

Golden Perfect World - Official Launch Information:
Golden Perfect World has been privately developed by an old Perfect World International veteran to bring back old memories and provide game an ultimate Perfect World experience that has never existed before. At Golden Perfect World, we believe in providing excellent support and making sure our players are happy. We want players to enjoy and to take advantage of features that they wished the official Perfect World server had. Golden Perfect World Unique Features and Benefits: 1.Instant End-game. Reach level 150 and do not worry about levelling again You also get Celestial Cultivation instantly at the beginner area, that means you do not have to waste time getting Celestial Sage or Demon2.Freedom of gear and builds. Players are able to choose a range of gaming builds such as Venomancer with 5 attack-rate-per-second, instant cast Barbarian, Mystic with purging abilities or even a Blademaster with purifying abilities. Options are limitless.3.Open-world farming. Players are able to farm anywhere they like. Golden Perfect World has the most extended farming options available than any other server. Players can farm in variety of worlds such as in the main map, Old Heavens Tear, Morai, Primal World, Lothranis and Momaganon. All 50,000 monsters and bosses drop items that are useful for advancing in the game.4.Pets. All original venomancer pets can be tamed and be evolved into end-game battle pets which can be used to aid you in your battles. There are over 1,000 pets that can be tamed by venomancers.5.Questing. There are over 2,500 unique quests which provide you with awards and reputation to advance you in the game. They can be taken from the Quests Board and the quests are randomised. You are always given a random quest that you probably have not done before6.Balance. All classes are equipped with original skillsets. All the loved skills are available such as Ironwood Scarab with 20 chance, Celestial Soul of Stunning and Retaliation and Absorb Soul with a chance to deal 1.3 times as much damage.7.Online rewards. Earn materials and buffs for staying online8.Customisation. Players can edit their characters even further and can take advantage of special eyes and facial textures.9.Fashion content. Golden Perfect World has the most diverse fashion content available than anywhere else. You can also view your character nude by taking all of the clothes off. There are dozens of weapons, fashion items, hair, mounts, pets and flyers taken from a huge range of Perfect World servers and all of them are available on Golden Perfect World.10.Optimised client. Our client is heavily edited to reduce graphic lag faced ingame. You can explore Golden Perfect World with a high frames-per-second rate. You can also play Golden Perfect World with a replenished User Interface, extending your gaming experience to a whole new level11.Easy gameplay. Players can take benefit of Auto-Cultivation found ingame. You do not have to be in front of a computer to advance in the game12.Flexible rules. At Golden Perfect World, we believe in enjoyment and happy players. Players will not get mutes and bans for long periods of time.13.Third-party programs allowed. Players can use any third-party programs to aid them in the game

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