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WOI Destiny [LC Patch] EXP/DROP:50x/100x!

WOI Destiny [LC Patch] EXP/DROP:50x/100x
LC Expansion - 9 Classes /EXP: 50x Drop: 100x /Max LV 130 /No vote hourly zen system /All items obtainable ingame/Gear Upgrade System /Unique fashion_mounts_pets /Marketplace 0 zen /Simplified Pet Ascension /Instant LVL 90 with starter pack includes Custom Pet, OSJ LV15, Lord Rank and more

WOI Destiny [LC Patch] EXP/DROP:50x/100x Information:
What you need to know : Legendary Crusade Expansion.
Heres your answer to why this server dont have newer expansion.
- For the obvious main reason, money.
- Current Cult of Wyrm Expansion is not the full one. There are still 2 patches to it.
- Awakened Immortal Expansion is out of question. Way too expensive.
- Many customized stuffs are not workable in Cult expansion. E.g. new skills.
- LC Expansion skills are more stable to be edited, lesser bugs.
This is a fully Customised Woi Server. Mainly PVP-Oriented with PVE surprise.
What you can expect :
1. Most items/gears/pets are zen free.
In fact, zen are free as a drop from doing bosses/instances/events.
2. Different Gearing System.
We decided to use upgrade as a way to encourage players to go through building of every gears instead of skipping them.
3. Revised Zen/Coin system.
This is an old game. Everyone have real life. We dont want to make players farm/stay online 24/7 for zen/coins just to gain advantage over players who dont have that luxury of time.
4. Less time-consuming.
We revamped instances to be all solo-able without daily entry limits to allow flexibility in players who have busy schedule like schools, works etc. This basically means that you can do everything in 1 day comparing to doing in constantly for 1 week. We removed the requirement to add in starcore matching charm to ascend your pet. Just lock your pet and immediately ascend. With ascension stone free on marketplace, time is saved to experience more fun in game.
5. Altered Bossing time.
Unlike any other woi servers, we make bosses refresh every 1/2/4 hours with a few rare bosses on a specific time daily. This will allow anyone to boss anytime when they are online. We did some calculation and there will be 500+ bosses spawn daily. No reason why u cant find a boss when u go online
6. New instances and gears for PVE
We specially added all these new instances for pve players. We customized PVE gears to allow less-pvp oriented players to enjoy pve.
7. Basic and Long-lasting.
By basic, we mean that everything can be achieved easily. Standard OSJ,Chalice, gears and pets. Of course nothing will end so soon, we added in fashion gems to allow even more unique gearing customization and with a extremely low progress of starting from LV1 to Max LV8.
8. New items/gears/pets
We may have LC expansion but not worried. We have latest items/gears/pets and even custom items/gears/pets/ec skills/accessories starword etc. Unfortunately, we do not have new interface like FOH, EC, Projection, Shift System.
9. Bloodline
We decided to release 4 BL skills, with passive skills upgradable to lv10.
This is simply due to the fact that official soon shutting down, and in LC Expansion we do not have to worry about having too much skills and unable to place it on skill casting panel.
10. Modified Class skills
We take in suggestions, and old experiences in woi gaming, we modified classes skills to make it more balanced. Be it a champion or enchantress or slayer, you will get to shine in this server. Unlike before, we hope players will get to choose their classes truthfully than following the dominating class.
11. Revamped Pet System
We make sure all pets have equal stats in three level - Captured/Summon/Fuse.
We make sure all summon pets have the same innate skills.
We removed Blissful Barrier and added it in Class Skill to make it challenging.
This also enables us to introduce almost 100+ more new pets, ranging from instances/event bosses to unreleased pet models, as summon pets for players to choose from.
...Little disappointment
We initially have character ascension system aka divine level but due to the a risk that player will lose all their gears if they did not follow the instruction step by step to ascend, we decided to abandon this system.
...Final words
What we can do is F2P - slow progress, P2W - fast progress. As all private servers, we live on donation. P2W depends on how you view it. We view it as a player donate to quickly progress but for sure, we limit it to certain progress. Still, whatever donors get, non-donors still able to get for free. Only difference is that they get it with lesser effort while you have to be more active. If you want to be both not active and not want to donate then please do not complain about P2W.
With that in mind, we stated in 4. above, removed daily entry limits so F2W.
However, if you are still not satisfied and want expansion, then you should start your own server and think about it.
For more details, visit under information on our website or elitepvper link on the right side of our website.

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